You know that feeling of finding that thing you never knew you needed?

That glorious, epiphanic moment when your heart shouts YES!? For me, that moment came after my first feeble attempt to climb a silk. A lifetime athlete, I instantly fell in love with not only the intense physicality, but the novel challenge of conscious body movement. Since that humble day in a Brooklyn warehouse know as the House of Yes, I have been on a mission to absorb all things movement related. 

My favorite performances are those that use aerial acrobatics as part of the performance rather than it existing for its own sake and spectacle. I have a tendency toward the absurd, but am also a convincing showgirl.  

I regularly swing solo and collaboratively (Lady CircusUrban Circus) in private and public venues around NYC and Brooklyn and have taught in New York, Brazil, Cambodia and the Virgin Islands.  

My preferred methods of dangling include silks, rope, cloud swing and chains.

You can check out my aerial resume here & some of my other tendencies at